Entitled Videos

One of my favourite things to watch on YouTube used to be stories about Entitled Parents; Stories where someone runs into a parent that asks for something unreasonable because they feel entitled to it.

Sometimes, the stories all seem hard to believe. I often end up asking myself if there are people like that. People that threaten to call the cops for minor reasons or make servers cry. It all just seemed too ridiculous to believe.

Recently, I started watching ‘Karens Caught on Camera’ videos on sssniperwolf’s channel. And I found out that there are people like that. I’m often left staring in disbelief, watching all those people act so rude and overreact because of small reasons. And a lot of them are small reasons, such as not wearing a mask.

I admit, I hardly even seen an entitled person, let alone someone that acts the way they do on those videos. So seeing it is always a shock, as it shows that people like that do exist.

Summer Freedom

Spring is slipping away, replaced by summer. Spring flowers are giving way to the summer flowers. Days are long, the sun shining the most brilliantly. And, of course, the heat goes up, making bodies carve for anything cold.

What else do I see in summer? Well, I still feel a sense of freedom that I had at the end of my school years-a freedom of being able to go outside. It may seem childish, but I enjoy getting that feeling even now. It just makes me feel free.

Of course, there can be another way to look at it; being free to go outside after a long winter. I never really liked going outside during it, as the snow makes it hard to walk and it’s cold. As such, I’m in the house more, not wanting to go outside.

Yet the sun beckons me to come out. I need to be careful, though, as it can get hot, and I get sunburned easily!

Dog Minds

One of my favourite things to watch on YouTube is dog videos: Specifically, videos where dogs are rescued and make full recoveries.

It is always inspiring to watch a dog go from scared and unwilling to do anything to happily bounding across a yard. And there are times when they do it without one of their limbs.

How can a dog trust again after going through all that abuse? How can they recover from that?

The sad thing is, I think the reason is that humans often don’t recover fully; they never really show that same energy as before.

So, are dogs stronger than humans? No, since the human mind and the dog mind work differently. Dogs don’t have the same responsibilities humans do, so they are more carefree. But still, the trauma will affect a dog’s behaviour, as they can’t move on, just like humans. They will be more cautious and be unwilling to play around at first.

Still, it always seems like the dogs I watched can recover. So it always leaves me wondering if dogs are mentally stronger than people.

The Small Things

Ever noticed the small things in life? What exactly are the small things? They are the things that a person often sees or does. And often, it’s to the point where they don’t think twice about them.

But unknown to that person, they leave an impact on them. They are impactful because those things are things that bring joy to the person.

Why do I believe that the small things so important? It’s because they show that happiness in life doesn’t have to come from something big: they can come from looking at the small things and remembering the joy they bring.

Examples of the small things for me are:

  • seeing magnolias bloom
  • eating a slice of key lime pie
  • going on walks

They may seem small, but they bring me so much joy. They let me enjoy the moment while reminding me of the beauty the world has. They make me feel happy and grateful to be alive to experience them.

I think that everyone tried to enjoy the small things more, they will be happier. They’ll see that the world has so much to offer, and they can find happiness anywhere. And I believe that will have a positive impact on their mental health. If everyone sees the beauty in everything, they will be happier.


Rain: A time when everyone has to stay inside unless they have a raincoat or an umbrella. A time when kids don’t want to play outside unless they want to get wet. A time when everything gets colder.

It may seem bad, but it’s not. Rain gives plants the water they need. It also produces mud, which many animals need. It can also be cleansing, washing away any grime.

Rain is like when the land around you gets washed: Everything feels cleaner, fresher and more alive. You have to wait for it to pass, like when someone takes a shower in the only bathroom. It may seem drab and dreary to humans, but it brings a sense of refreshment to the land.

My Dream Hospital Trip

I had a dream last night: It started with me in school, and I was unwell. My stomach was aching.

Two students were able to help me to the hospital. It may seem like overkill for a minor stomachache, but my dreams often do that.

So after drinking some water, a doctor started taking x-rays. These x-rays not only show internal organs, but they can also locate the problem. So when I saw my intestines highlighted, I knew right away it was my appendix.

Right away, I started a journey to get to intensive care. After walking in on several games, I was able to find the area and climbed into the gurney.

The doctors kept going on and on about the surgery, and I was feeling scared. However, when they started to use a camera to look at my appendix, I woke up. Probably because I had the camera in my mouth, and it was going further inside. Now I’m left wondering if I would have woken up as well when they started applying the anesthesia.


Spring can mean different things to people. To me, spring means two things: birth and awakening.

During spring, new plants start to grow, brightening up the land. Animals have babies, from robins to rabbits. These two things bring new life into the world, adding beauty to it.

Yet, at the same time, things also seem to awaken. The snow melts away, exposing grass to the sunlight, allowing it to become green. Hibernating animals awaken, emerging from their dens. And people generally want to be out more, to enjoy the warmth.

Spring is the very season of life itself, as new life is born and everything perks up around the time.

Question of Maturity

As an adult, sometimes I feel like I have to like things that are considered more mature. And while I admit I don’t know what those things are, I know that some of my interests, such as video games could be considered childish.

However, I don’t see how liking those things have to do with being seen as mature. It’s all just a matter of preference; We all have things that we like. And everyone is going to have different likes or dislikes.

In my eyes, maturity is taking on responsibilities, such as getting a job or paying taxes. And unless we let our interests affect us negatively, they are okay to have. We do need to be responsible with them, however.

So it’s okay to like to play video games; I have even seen how others can make playing them into a career. And it’s okay to like anime; just be reasonable with your money and don’t spend it all on it.

It is okay to have a hobby, as it helps you deal with the stress of daily life.

Dog-Gone Me

Dogs are just drawn to me: whenever I come across one, they will often come running towards me. Even the most antisocial dog.

This is both a blessing and a curse. It’s a blessing because I have a soft spot for animals. And I like it when antisocial dogs like me because it makes me feel like they can trust me.

It’s also a curse because I get nervous around big dogs: I’m always worried they are going to jump on me and knock me over. Also, I often worry that when I see a guide dog, it will leave it’s owner unattended. And something will happen to the owner while the dog is distracted.

Also, nowadays I see dogs without their leashes. This can be very problematic, as if a dog follows me, we could end up separated and the dog will get lost. So I have to make sure that their owner is able to get their dog. Whenever a dog comes running, I stop and wait for their owner to catch up. This keeps the dog from following me and getting lost.

It all may seem silly to worry about those things. But I can’t help it: I’m a very compassionate person, and I don’t want anything bad to happen. I don’t want someone losing their dog because it followed me. I can easily image the heartbreak they would feel as I have two dogs myself. And I will never forgive myself if something happened to them because of me.

So what should you do when someone’s dog is drawn to you? Be nice and friendly: try not to be scared. And be aware of the situation: not all dogs are okay to pet, and respect their owners.

Looking Back, Moving Foward

As some of you may have noticed, I have been going back to my previous works and making changes: Fixing spelling mistakes, shortening sentences and rewording them. Not just that I can have properly polished stories on my blog; It’s so I can learn from my mistakes in the past.

It may not seem that important to go back and look at the mistakes I made in my writing. But when you look back on past mistakes, you wonder, ‘Okay, here’s what I did wrong. What can I take from this?’

Taking something from your mistakes is the most important part: It teaches you how to avoid making that mistake in the future. Regardless of how big or small this realization is, it is still something you learn.

Mistakes help you learn. No one is going to know everything right away.