Me and the Coronavirus Isolation

With Coronavirus, everyone is getting antsy. You can’t go out and socialize, you have to stay in. And since humans are social, it makes the required isolation seem like the end of the world.

Even better? People haven’t really dealt with it before, so they are left in a consistent state of boredom and worry. They want a solution and they want it now.

Does it affect me as well? Yes it does. I will admit I had been suffering from anxiety and OCD during the last while. And last week, I had opened up to my parents about it.

Now I’m doing my excerises the doctor has given me before, and I’m writing down my feelings in my personal journal. I’m also signing up for online workshops to help me deal with the anxiety and to help me relax. And I’m trying to get out everyday for a walk so I wouldn’t be completely cooped up in the house. Other then that, I’m playing my games, watching funny videos, doing art, going to my job at Walmart and doing alittle online shopping.

If you are feeling stressed, you should keep an eye out for online workshops to help you relax. Mental health is more important then ever if we want to get though this. Try to get out in nature if you are feeling cooped up. Play games with your family or have online calls with your friends if you are lonely. And for a distraction, do what you love to do at home, or try something new such as painting.

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. If we stay smart and keep our distance and our hands clean, we will get there sooner rather then later!

Missing Life Outside of the Virus

I admit, with Coronavirus in the air, everyone has been excerising caution. And of course, it means cutting out anything that involves human contact asides from esstenial work in favour of isolation at home. More hand washing, more sanitizer, basically the world has come to a stop to focus on stopping the disease.

Like everyone else, I hate it and miss what I used to do. I miss getting brownies and lemonade at the Starbucks at Indigo. I miss walking around at the Mapleview Mall. I miss nachos at Turtle Jacks.

Heck, I miss being excited for Anime North and for my trip in May since those two things got canned! Sure I knew it was coming, but still..

I know everyone is suffering, and it’s for the greater good. But it still stinks and it feels like I had a lot of freedom taken away.

Disease of Paranoia

I admit, with the Coronavirus going around, I feel like I’m watching people preparing for the acolaspye.

And it’s very un-nerving. But it isn’t the disease itself that’s freaking me out: It’s the people running around thinking the worst. Like it’s the end of the world.

And since I work at Walmart, it’s even worse because I’m constantly seeing empty spaces at the grocery and soap areas. And that’s the problem because people are so scared, they are taking way too much, and not leaving any for the people that DO need that stuff. It’s like the world’s gone ‘Screw caring about other people, it’s every man for himself!’

And that is not the way. People still need to support each other, not screw each other over in our paranoia, while still being cautious. We’re supposed to be better then this!

And here’s some facts:

It’s going down in China, so it will pass.

It mainly affects middle aged people. And even then, it can by avoided by washing your hands and covering your mouth when you sneeze or cough.

So how about instead of taking everything and shutting out everyone else, how about we just take what we need, wash our hands and be more cautious? This ISN’T the Last of Us, or the Walking Dead or I am Legend or whatever else the media makes it out to be. We WILL get through this, since China is recovering. This isn’t the end of the world.

And frankly, this paranoia is only making things worse then it actually can be. Sure there has been cases of people dying but if people in China that have the disease can heal and get better, then so can the people in the rest of the world that have it.

My New Horizen

With the arrival of March, a new stash of games is about to come out. And one of them is the long awaited Animal Crossing New Horizens, where you get to make an island into a community.

Fans have been looking forward to a new Animal Crossing games for years. I admit, I been looking forward to it, myself. I mean, what can’t be better then living an life surrounded by cute animals?

Of course, I have my own hopes for the game. What are they?

-A new species of animal villager: I wouldn’t mind seeing a butterfly villager. I mean, you can catch frogs and you can have frog villagers!

-Allowing you to use your Amiibo cards: I mean, what else are those cards supposed to be used for?

-New ways to spend the special days: I mean, since your on an island, should those days such as Toy Day work differently?

-Someway incorporating the Sanrio characters:..Okay, I admit I have a soft spot for those guys.

My ultimate vision for my island? A island full of trees blooming with cherry blossoms with picnic spots and hot springs set up. And of course, seeing my villagers wearing my designs and living happily.

Money and Computers

I admit, when it comes to money, sometimes I can be very respionable and sometimes feel like I overdo it. But when it comes to wanting the very expensive things, I tend to clam up.

Why? I think it’s because an new iPad is much more pricey then a game, and you really have to consider a lot of things. Such as ‘Do I really need this’ and ‘Will it be worth it?’

When it comes to computer shopping, Mom and Dad say to always speak to the people working in the store. That why, you can tell them what you want and they can direct you to the best suitable option for you. Something that works perfectly for you.

So when it comes to computer shopping, don’t go in full speed ahead. Take some time to think about what you want your device to do, and do your research on what is available out there. As for money, try setting yourself onto a budget for a few weeks to help save up the money.

Sure it could mean cutting out some things for a bit but it will be worth it at the end. It will give you more insight on how to spend your money more properly and how to save up for the really fun stuff such as the latest model of iPad.

Me and Valentines Day

I admit, sometimes I don’t get Valentines Day at all.

I mean, sure it’s nice to have a day to go all out on showing the one you love that you care. Every couple deserves to have a day where they pamper each other, buy each other gifts and spend time together.

But what about the people that don’t have a significant other? Should they show love for the people close to them, such as family and friends? I mean, isn’t that why schools make students pass out cards at school? Or should they just go on their everyday lives and not do anything as they ‘don’t qualify?’

Heck, correct me if I’m wrong but don’t some people get more desperate to have a significant other because of this? I can just see all the drama that would result for wanting one just for Valentines Day. Because if you ask me, that really isn’t fair to the other person.

I’m what some people call ‘a happy single Pringle’ so of course my views can be alittle biased, I admit. Then again, I don’t want to throw myself at someone for the sake of it. Just try to find someone you truly value and spend more then a evening with them if you feel like it’s going to work out between you two.

Anti Anti-Vaxer

I been watching anti-vax parent stories on YouTube. And personally, I don’t get why they all use autism as a reason to not get it (as in it causes autism).

I mean, sure whoever has it will have to face so many challenges in life, but don’t we all? We all have our things we have a hard time with, have different view points..Heck, even non autistic people can get anxiety and OCD. And all of our brains and minds work differently, just some of us need the extra help.

And are parents that scared of autism that they are willing to risk their kids getting sick over something that is preventable? Or get someone that hasn’t gotten their vaccines yet sick? Is it really worth trying to avoid the fear of something then to face it head on and see for yourself it’s not true?

Personally, I may not want kids, but I know it’s not worth it. I rather have a kid have a chance at life then let my fear for them getting something from something that is supposed to help them control me.

And to me, the people that says that ‘it makes the system stronger’ and ‘oils and other stuff can prevent/heal this’ are just as clueless as the people that say that vaccines and medicine is bad.

Vaccines work people. And I find that people that say it causes autism to be rude, as well, I’m autistic myself. And I had my vaccines. Heck, I even had the signs of autism long before I had to get my shots!

So think long and hard: Is it worth listening to some random advice you found online rather then an actual professional in person?